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Wood Pellet Machine

What is a Wood Pellet Machine?

 A wood pellet mac hine is a wood pellets pressing machine forming wood materials into wood pellets, and the wood material can be logs, bark, branches and wood wastes like sawdust, wood chips and so on. Due to its high heating value, the final wood pellets are mainly used as biomass fuel which can replace oil and coal fuel.

                           Logs                                                  Sawdust                                                    Wood Pellets
 logs   sawdust   wood-pellets

Yugong Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet machine produced by Yugong Machinery has 3 models, wood pelleting machine LGX-450, wood pellet machine LGX-550 and wood pellet machine LGX-900, the former is a smaller one and the latter is a bigger one with bigger c apacity. The most unique feature of Yugong pellet machine is that it adopts "Double-layer dies" and "ring die" techniques and the rollers are made by abrasion-proof alloy steel.

Wood Pellet Machine-LGX550                Wood Pellet Machine-LGX900                                 Ring Die
 pellet-machine-550   pellet-machine-900   ring-die


Model LGX-900 LGX-550
Host Machine Power
90 55
Pellet Pusher 1.5 Spindle Drive
Electric Grease Pump 0.37 0.37
Host Machine
External Dimension (mm)
2300*1250*2650 2160*1000*1900
Machine Weight ( t ) 6.8 3.6
Rotation Speed  (r/min) 1450 1450
Voltage (v) 380,3phase or customized 380,3phase or customized
Mould Diameter  (mm) 550 450
Pellet Size  (mm) 4-12 4-12
Palletizing Temperature (℃) 80-100 80-100
Raw Material
Moisture Content (%)
15-25 15-25
Capacity  (t/h) 1.2-1.5 0.8-1 

 Main Steps of Wood Pellets Production

1. Wood Chipping (use wood chippers to process the wood logs with the maximum diameter of 300mm or branches into smaller wood pieces);
2. Drying (control the wood material’s moisture to the following pelletizing);
3. Grinding (used hammer crusher to grind the wood pieces into powdered materials);
4. Pelletizing (the key step, press the wood materials into wood pellets with diameter of 8mm);
5. Cooling (cool down the output pellets to avoid accumulation of heat that may destroy pellets);
6. Sieving (remove the dusts and crushed pellets);
7. Packing (pack the pellets into bags of required sizes);
8. Electric Cabinet (control equipments).

Why Yugong Pellet Making Machine?
1. 30 years experience in pellet machine manufacturing and exporting;
2. Our pellet making machine has exported to India, Argentina, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, Zambia, UAE, Slovenia , etc.
3. Current hot sales in Thailand and Vietnam;
4. 3-year guarantee of Yugong pellet making machine and parts;
5. Professional overseas installation instructions.
6. Fast shipping, high quality, favorable price!!!

JUST BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! We have confidence to provide you the right wood pelleting machine with high quality! Should any model wood pellet machine in Yugong be of interest to you, please let us know and complete the form below and we will response to you as soon as possible.

  Yugong Wood Pelletizer in Thailand for sawdust pellets production.

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