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Wood Template Pellet Machine 


 Description of Wood Template Pellet Machine

There are some disused building templates, wood, bamboo, wood panels and discarded building materials that can be re-used and recycled for biomass power plant and boiler heating, which can not only re-use the waste material, but also play an important role in environmental protection.

These waste wood template can be crushed first to get sawdust, then fed into a pellet machine for pellets making. Pellet machine plays an important role on the turning wood material into wood pellets.

Yugong provides whole pellets making line from crusher equipment to pellets packing machine. Yugong hammer crusher can crusher wood templates into sawdust even with nails and metal, etc. Yugong pellets mills are employed to press and form sawdust into wood pellets. The LGX pellets machines produced by Yugong machinery is an ideal wood plate pellets making machine with different capacity.

 Why Yugong Wood Template Pellet Machine?

• 30 years experience in pellet machine manufacturing and exporting;
• Our pellet making machine has exported to India, Argentina, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey, Canada, Egypt, Hungary, Zambia, UAE, Slovenia , etc.
• Current hot sales in Thailand and Vietnam;
• 3-year guarantee of Yugong pellet making machine and parts;
• Professional overseas installation instructions.
• Fast shipping, high quality, favorable price!!!

• Vertical feeding with ring die rollers pressing and forming.
• Double-layer dies, up and down dual use, high capacity and energy saving.
• Independent output device, ensure formation rate of pellets.
• Independent lubrication system, bring precise & automatic lubrication to bearings.
• Feeding system is equipped with inverter which can bring stepless adjustable feeding speed.

 Videos of Wood Template Pellets Making

  Waste Wood Templete/ Mouldboard Crushing

 Waste Wood Template Pellet Machine with Waste Wood Template  after Crushing as Raw Material


20131212165419Drum Wood Chipper                   20131212165419 Pellets Production Line

20131212165419Production Process of Vertical Ring Die Sawdust Wood Pellet Machine

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