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Peanut Shell Pellet Machine


 Main Purposes of Peanut Shell Pellets

1. Due to high burn rate and easy to store of peanut shell pellets, it can be used for the civil heating and daily energy;
2. Meanwhile, peanut shells can also replace coal briquettes as the main fuel for industrial boilers, with cost reduction and environmental health;
3. It can be used as fuel for power generation.
peanut-shell-pellets Advantages of Peanut Shell Pellets Fuel

1. Good carbon activity, flammable;
2. Less ash, fast ignition;
3. The energy density of peanut shell pellets equivalent to that of intermediate bituminous, with long-lasting fire, good combustion performance, high burn rate;
4. Raw material is easy to get, with low price, low cost, big profit margins;
5. Energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection.
 Yugong Peanut Shell Pellet Machine

Yugong is a professional pellet machine manufacturer in China with more than 20 years experince in pellet machine globle trade. Peanut shell pellet machines can be applied to press the shapless biomass materials with low adhesiveness such as the rice husk, sunflower seed husk, peanut shell, etc. Yugong peanut shell pellet machine can be widely used in the feed plant, wood processing, fuel plant, etc. It is an ideal pelleting machine with low investment and high profit.
 Characteristics of Peanut Shell Pellets Machine

1. Vertical feeding with material directly enter pelletizing room.
2. Double-layer dies, ring die, up and down dual use, high capacity and energy saving.
3. Independent output device, ensure formation rate of pellets.
4. Independent lubrication system, bring precise & automatic lubrication to bearings.
5. Feeding system is equipped with inverter which can carry out stepless adjustable feeding speed.
 Technical Parameters
Model LGX-900 LGX-750 LGX-550 LGX-450
Main Machine 90 75 55 45
  Pellet Pusher 1.5 1.5 Spindle drive Spindle drive
  Electric Grease Pump 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.37
Machine Weight ( t ) 6.8 5.6 3.6 2.9
Rotation Speed  (r/min) 1450 1450 1450 1450
Voltage (v) 380,3phase 
or customized
or customized
or customized
or customized
Mould Diameter  (mm) 550 500 450 400
Pellet Size  (mm) 4-12 4-12 4-12 4-12
Palletizing Temperature (℃) 80-100 80-100 80-100 80-100
Raw Material
Moisture Content  (%)
15-25 15-25 15-25 15-25
Capacity  (t/h) 1.2-1.5 1-1.2 0.8 0.6
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 Peanut Shell pelleting site in Shandong with Yugong pellet machine. ee

 Raw material: pellet shell. Location: Shandong Province, China.


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