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Cotton Stalk Pellet Machine

Description of Cotton Stalk Pellet Machine

Cotton stalk pellet machine is designed for recycling of vast rural straw resources. Cotton stalks pellet machines help to avoid resurse waste of straw burning in farmland, and protect the environment, playing an important role on the development of renewable energy.

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Compared with coal, cotton stalk has almost the same volumetric heat with fast firing speed, large fire intensity, is an ideal clean fuel. Cotton stalk pellet machine is reliable with simple and convenient operation. The stalk pellet machine has wide range of raw materials such as cotton stalk, corn stalk, wheat straw, bean straw, cotton stalks, rice husks, peanut shells, corn cobs, branches, leaves, sawdust, wood waste, etc.

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The fuel pellets made by this machine are with a beautiful and shiny apperance, less cracks, high dense, high quality, uniform length, etc. Yugong LGX series cotton stalk pellets machine operates smoothly with continuous production and the key components of the pressure roller, double-layer ring die and templates are made of high quality wear-resistant materials with long life. It can be used to press the moisture content of 5% --20% of the crop stalks, sawdust, bagasse, weeds and other raw materials without charring or any adhesive. The finished pellets are biomass fuel pellets with diameter 2.5--15mm, 3500-4500 kcal.

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Pellets produced by Yugong pellets machine are with high density, high calorific value, easy storage and transportation, etc. which can replace firewood, coal, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, widely used in life stove, heating furnace, hot water boilers, drying oven and industrial boilers.
Technical Parameters

Model LGX-900 LGX-750 LGX-550 LGX-450
Main Machine 90 75 55 45
  Pellet Pusher 1.5 1.5 Spindle drive Spindle drive
  Electric Grease Pump 0.37 0.37 0.37 0.37
Machine Weight ( t ) 6.8 5.6 3.6 2.9
Rotation Speed  (r/min) 1450 1450 1450 1450
Voltage (v) 380,3phase 
or customized
or customized
or customized
or customized
Mould Diameter  (mm) 550 500 450 400
Pellet Size  (mm) 4-12 4-12 4-12 4-12
Palletizing Temperature (℃) 80-100 80-100 80-100 80-100
Raw Material
Moisture Content  (%)
15-25 15-25 15-25 15-25
Capacity  (t/h) 1.2-1.5 1-1.2 0.8 0.6



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